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WUSD PK/TK/K Programs & Locations

Our WUSD programs take a holistic approach that nourishes the physical, cognitive, and emotional development of each student in preparation for kindergarten––all while providing hands-on learning experiences designed to spark curiosity and creativity. Parents also have access to resources so they can take an active role in supporting and guiding their child’s journey during this important stage of growth.

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Mattie Washburn baby Jaguar logo

Mattie Washburn is our traditional elementary school serving students in PK through second grade. PK and TK students have their own section of campus. Matties features an open, airy campus design, with multiple play areas, sports fields, a library, multipurpose room, cafeteria and other state-of-the-art ameneties. Mattie is home to the award-winning Club Connect program which aims to help our littlest learners learn cooperative play, social interaction and relationship building.

Mattie Washburn Elementary

Principal Patricia Chadwick

75 Pleasant Ave.

Sanat Rosa, California 95403

Phone: 707-837-7727

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CCLA handprint logo

Cali Calmécac Language Academy is our dual-immersion, Spanish language charter school. CCLA serves grades PK through 8, and brings together Spanish and English speaking students to help them become bilingual and bi-literate while promoting cross-cultural understanding and academic excellence. Because it is a charter school, and has lmited admissions, there is a process for admittance in to CCLA, and a finite window for admissions. This process is based on a point system, which is based on multiple factors, including required activities for prospective families. Not all families that apply for CCLA will be accepted. Want to learn more about CCLA’s point system? Cick here.

Cali Calmécac Language Academy

Principal Lidia Teruel-Albert

9491 Starr Rd

Windsor, California 95492

Phone: 707-837-7747

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Both of our programs use the same curriculum for each grade level.

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Frog Street (Math,science, language arts, SEL)

Lit 6


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Frog Street

Lit 6


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Early Literacy Assessment (Renaissance)

Heggerty (phonemic awareness)





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The preschool calendar is a little different from the regaluar school year calendar. See below for their calendar.