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Secondary Education

Secondary education at Windsor Unified School District starts with Windsor Middle School. The sprawling WMS campus houses state-of-the-art culinary and science classrooms, as the basis for many of the unique elective offerings available to students, as well as a school garden, sports fields, music classrooms and more. WMS is where students can explore their interests and prepare for the years ahead.

Our bilingual Spanish-immersion charter school Cali Calmécac also offers 6th through 8th grade, however, students in those grades will have been at Cali Calmécac from the early years. Cali generally does not accept students after 2nd grade. 

From WMS or Cali, students then have two choices in front of them. The first is Windsor High School, featuring the unique core system in the upper grades, which allows students to explore interests and be a part of a small learning community. WHS offers extensive Career-Technical Education (CTE) opportunities, including multiple academies that allow graduates to step into the career of their choice as well as honors academics tracks that can provide a pathway into the nation’s top universities.

WHS also has a unique partnership with Sonoma State University, which offers guaranteed admission to WHS graduates who meet certain parameters. Whether your student is interested in a construction, the arts, college or culinary, WHS has a pathway to help their dreams come true.

The second option is the award-winning Big Picture Learning Windsor, formerly North Bay Met Academy. Guided by the idea of "where passion meets purpose," BPL Windsor is committed to creating a dynamic and inclusive learning environment. Through personalized, independent learning plans, mentorship, and experiential internship opportunities, we aim to inspire students to become lifelong learners and critical thinkers, compassionate leaders, and active contributors to their communities.

BPL Windsor embraces the values of curiosity, collaboration, and creativity. We strive to prepare students not only for academic success but also for a fulfilling and purposeful life beyond the classroom. We believe in fostering an independent, student-focused learning environment that transcends traditional boundaries, where students are not just learners but active creators of their educational experiences. Our students are tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, artists, innovators, and leaders.

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