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Preschool/TK/K Enrollment for the 2024-25 School Year

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  • Are you looking for an outstanding start to your child’s education? At Windsor Unified School District, we strive to give your child the best start in their academic journey by providing every child with what they need to thrive.
  • In our preschool (PK), Transitional Kindergarten (TK) & kindergarten (K) programs at Mattie Washburn Elementary, academics are just the beginning!
  • From visual and performing arts opportunities to other fun and award-winning programs, your kids won't just learn; they'll build relationships that'll last until graduation and beyond!

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Windsor Unified School District
9291 Old Redwood Hwy, Bldg 500
Windsor, California 95492
Phone: 707-723-9646
Fax: 707-837-7791
  • Cali Calmécac Language Academy is a Spanish-language, dual-immersion charter school that brings together Spanish and English speaking students to help them become bilingual and bi-literate while promoting cross-cultural understanding and academic excellence. 
  • Starting your educational career in our PK/TK/K classes helps set the foundatiton for a bilingual education. 
  • Our graduates are strongly encouraged to continue their language education as they enter high school and are provided the opportunity at the local high school to apply for The Seal of Biliteracy, recognizing their bilingual achievements and alerting future employers to the extent of their abilities.
  • CCLA does not guarantee admission, and has a separate application process.

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Welcome to the Preschool, TK & Kindergarten Enrollment Page for the 2024-25 School Year! 

We are so excited you are interested in our school, and cannot wait to welcome you to our amazing learning community. This page will guide you through the process for enrolling your student for our preschool (PK), Transitional Kindergarten (TK) or Kindergarten (K) classes. Please note Cali Calmécac Language Academy has its own enrollment process. While you will fill out the same information for both schools, Cali has additional enrollment steps. If you are applying at Cali Calmécac Language Academy, filling out this enrollment form does not guarantee admission. Please click here to view Cali’s admission information and requirements.

Preschool, TK or K? How do I decide?

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Want To Know How To Enroll Your Preschool, TK or K Student At Mattie Washburn?

Want to Know How to Enroll Your PK, TK or K student at Cali Calmécac Language Academy?




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Below you will find forms for Preschool Enrollment. These forms are for families seeking financial support for their child’s enrollment, as well as enrollment. 

Questions? or 707-837-7705