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WUSD Independent Study Program

Independent study is only available to students who are either:

  • A current resident the Windsor Unified School District and want to do their schoolwork remotely.
  • Or, an Out of District Transfer student who wants to play high school sports.

Out of District students who are not interested in sports, or who want a full, but remote, educational experience should enroll in WUSD’s Sonoma County Virtual Academy (SoCoVA). SoCoVA students can enjoy a wide variety of school milestones such as dances and games, but cannot participate in NCS sports.

Want to learn more about SoCoVA? Click Here!


To learn more about WUSD’s long term independent study program, see the flyer below.

Windsor Unified School District is proud to offer a unique independent study program for those students and families who need the rigor of a traditional school program, with the flexibility of a non-traditional setting. Please see the document below to see if your student and family would be a good candidate for this program.