2006 and 2010 California Distinguished School

Brooks Elementary School is one of Windsor Unified School District’s seven sites, serving 480 4th and 5th graders.

At Brooks, students are viewed as active participants in their academic learning and social/emotional growth.   Our students focus on a rich 21st Century curriculum that highlights thinking, creating, and connecting.  Working individually, in pairs, small groups, and as a whole class, children use a plethora of materials to explore and solve real world problems.  As our students engage in rigorous academic expectations, they are preparing for a future world that we can only imagine.   Our Common Core State Standards help guide this curricular process.  Real learning happens in a safe and healthy environment.   Our superior teachers and staff strive to create classroom communities and a whole school environment that allows children to risk and explore while respecting each individual, be it another child or an adult.  Our school is fortunate to include a wide variety of technology, a music and physical education program, and a library experience.  When one brings the heart and dedication of each staff member, hard working students, and a caring community together, a dynamic team is created which supports the achievement of all students at Brooks Elementary.