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2015 Bond Oversight Committee Members: Walt Averill, Shirlie Rezak, Terry Wong, Steve Stangland, Damian Cook, Jeffrey Leasure, Neil Smart, Michael Gossman


Bond Oversight Committee (Application Form)

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Windsor Unified School District Receives AAA Bond Rating

On February 5, 2008, the Windsor voters passed a $50 Million school facilities bond. The first bond sale of $14,460 Million received one of the best public entity bond ratings. This AA rating can be upgraded through insurance to a Triple A. The bonds were competitively bid and sold on May 13, 2008. Because of the District’s academic and fiscal integrity, the bond bidding was extended 12 times. Huchinson, Shockey, and Erley out of Chicago, who manage large family estates, purchased the bonds at 4.6%.

Upon the successful passage of Measure B, the Windsor Unified School District appointed its local bond oversight committee. The Committee will meet semi-annually, review copies of the annual independent performance and financial audits. Inspected newly completed school facilities and grounds to insure bond revenues are properly expended. They will produce an annual report to the Board of Trustees. After its public review in January 2009, the Report will be posted on this page of the District website.

2017-2018 Bond Oversite Meetings
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2008-2016 Bond Oversite Meetings
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2008-2013 Bond Oversight Committee Financial Report
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2008 School Facilities Resolutions: CCLA and MWE (pdf)

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