Serving Students with Opportunities and Support

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Big Picture Learning @ Windsor Oaks Academy


Big Picture OUT Program

This alternative high school has students at the center of their own education. Each student will have an individual learning plan that is unique and different from others. The exciting part of this program involves students spending two days out of the week in the community earning credits towards graduation. The student, with the help of their advisor, will explore students’ passions and identify appropriate internship placements. The school emphasizes college and career readyiness and supports student who are college bound. This school is WASC accredited and a Model Alternative High School.

Big Picture IN Program

This program is the same as the above except students will not have the two days per week community internship. Their internship will be a group activity organized by their advisor. Students in Big Picture IN will be in school five days a week.

What is special about Big Picture High School:

  • Each student at a Big Picture Learning school is part of a small learning community of 15-20 students called an Advisory
  • Each Advisory is supported and led by an Advisor, a teacher who works closely with a designated group of students
  • Each student works closely with his or her Advisor to identify
  • personal interests and craft an individual learning plan
  • The student is at the center of learning, truly engaged and
  • challenged where learning becomes authentic and relevant
  • Each student is involved in an internship where s/he works closely
  • with a mentor, learning real world skills in an authentic setting
  • The school is a college and career preparatory school where
  • students have an internship experience, two days out of the
  • week, working in the community as an intern,  and three days out of the
  • week working on their academics
  • Parents and families are actively involved in the learning process, helping to shape the student’s learning plan and are enlisted as resources to the school community

The result is a student-centered learning design, where students are actively invested in their learning and are challenged to pursue their interests by a supportive community of educators, professionals, and family members.

More information can be obtained at:

Big Picture High School application (English & Spanish)

Single Plan for Student Achievement

Windsor Independent Study at Home (WISH)

WISH is a district independent study program for students in grades K-12. Students meet with their teachers once per week then focus on work independently at home for 4-16 hours per week depending on their courses.

Odyssey On-line Credit Recovery Program

Students at Windsor High School and Windsor Oaks Academy who are credit deficient for graduation have the option of earning credit in this on-line program. Academic counselors provide scheduling and enrollment information to students.

Teen Parent Program

This program is for pregnant and/or parenting teens. Students receive teen parent support and education while attending school.

Home & Hospital Program (prescribed learning away from school)

Home and Hospital provides temporarily disabled students instruction in their homes or in hospitals.  A temporary disability is defined as a physical, mental, or emotional disability where a student can reasonably be expected to return to regular day or alternative classes without special intervention. Students are generally referred and/or diagnosed by a licensed physician and/or surgeon. Pupils with permanent illnesses or disabilities should contact their local school administration to investigate whether Special Education, 504 or independent study may be more appropriate. If your student is already a Special Education student, please contact your case manager and request a Home Instruction Program.

How do you enroll in Home and Hospital?

  1. Contact your student’s school administrator. For middle and high school students, contact the school counselor.
  2. Give the administrator or counselor a letter from the physician and/or surgeon. The letter must include the following:
  1.  Be written on letterhead with an official signature of the

              physician and/or surgeon.

  1.  States the student needs the Home and Hospital Program.
  2.  Includes the start date and end date for Home and Hospital


               Example: Joseph Student needs Home and Hospital.

            He will begin services on ww/xx/2016 and end services on


How long does getting a Home and Hospital teacher take?

Once the school receives the letter requesting Home and Hospital services the school reviews the paperwork and determines whether the students will be able to receive individualized instruction. The school has five working days to notify the parents or guardians that Home and Hospital has been approved and five additional days to schedule the first individualized instruction meeting.

How much time does a teacher spend with a student in Home and Hospital?

A teacher can provide a students a maximum of five hours of instruction per week. This instruction can occur at home or other meeting place agreed upon by student, parent, and teacher.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

The Alternative Education Program coordinates Home and Hospital for the district.

Serving Students with Opportunities and Support

Contact: Susan Nystrom, Principal
707-837-7771 ext 2501
Susan Nystrom

Yvette James, Secretary
707-837-7771 ext 2500
Yvette James